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What's Super Cut?

Unlock All of This With One Monthly Fee

It couldn't get any easier, here's the steps.

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Your Raw Video

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Polished Videos
Every Month

Super Cut is our remote video editing solution for business professionals that want to take their social media marketing efforts to the next level, but aren't quite ready for a full service video production experience.

This is your opportunity to create story-driven, talking head style videos that resonate with an audience.

It's rad, it's limited, it's application only. 

If you want a full service experience, check out our Therapy Sessions.

Group Masterminds

We wanted to find a way to help our members tell better stories and grow quickly and effectively online.
The best way to do this is through group masterminds. Each Monday you'll meet in the group via Google meet. We'll share story prompt ideas, give tips on improving your videos, share successes, and learn from other members of the group.

Beyond just being a great learning source, this will also help you establish referral partners across the country.

Self Taping

After you're accepted and completed your first payment, you'll receive a list of must have equipment. Don't worry, it's nothing too crazy, you can film your videos on your phone, we just want to ensure you have access to good sound and good light. We'll even provide you with a tutorial video on how to set up your equipment.

Before you know it you'll be telling stories and making videos. 

Professional Video Editing Service, Fully Remote

After you've recorded your videos, you'll upload them to the cloud and our team will take it from there. We'll Super Cut your videos into engaging video content. No more uh's, um's, or so's. Your videos will be seamless and captioned and positioned for success on social media. 

Easy Access to Edited Videos

After your videos have been edited they'll be easily accessible from Google Drive, anywhere! You'll share your videos and then return to the group mastermind to discuss your success and where you can improve! 

Spots Are Limited

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